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We got your data back! FREE estimate for all Data Recovery services on Hard Disk Drive (External & Internal), SSD, SD card and USB flash drive.

NO data NO charge! Amnet Datacillin provides fast, reliable and secure data recovery services in New York City.
All Data Recovery services will be done locally in our securely protected facility located in NYC.

We can recover your data from all sort of media in our New York City lab:
Desktop Hard Drives, Laptop Hard Drives, External USB Hard Drives (WD MyPassport & Seagate Portable), Memory Cards (SD, MicroSD, xD, CompactFlash), USB Flash Drives, Raid, SSD and SAS drives.

You can simply mail us or drop-off your crashed hard drive for data recovery:

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  • Make sure it is safely wrapped.
  • Download first and Email us "WORK ORDER REQUEST FORM" with information needed; OR if you prefer just fill out this contact form.
  • We will call you once we receive your package.

We do data recovery on all major brands of Hard Drives:

WD Hard drive


Seagate Hard Drive


Samsung Hard Drive


HGST Hard Drive


Hitachi Hard Drive


Toshiba Hard Drive


When it comes to hard drive crash or malfunctioning in order to get your data back you need Data Recovery process which mainly falls into two categories:

1) Hard Disk Drive Recovery with Physical Problems

As an initial and vital first step for recovering your data from the crashed hard drive, STOP!!! what you are doing. The more you try on doing recovery on your own, the more you damage the platters where your data are stored and it makes data recovery sometimes even impossible. Your hard drive is most likely having a physical damage if it has any of the following symptoms:

  • Clicking sounds
  • Scratching or grinding sounds (turn off immediately!)
  • Other strange noises
  • Not powering on
  • Powers on but does not spin up
  • Burning smell
  • Not being recognized by the computer or operating system
  • Other obvious signs of physically malfunctioning hard drive
  • In these cases, using a recovery software would not be your best course of action
    and could only make matters worse and possibly making further recovery attempts impossible.
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Lines on a damaged platter

Desktop Hard Drive Recovery services
Hard drive head and platters

laptop drive data recovery services
Inside a laptop hard drive

Most of the HDD physical problems happen when External hard drives or Desktop/Laptop hard drives are dropped but sometimes just exposing hard drive to strong magnetic field, extreme heat or even too much dust could create hard disk drive problem or crash. Unfortunately just natural wear and tear or aging components inside the hard drive might cause the same symptoms as well.
In this type of situation it is strongly advised to send your hard drive to a reputable data recovery company. If you decide to use our service:
CALL us at
212-935-9200 or fill out contact form to find out how Amnet Datacillin can help!


2) Hard Disk Drive Recovery with Logical Problems

This means a file system issues or "logical" disk problems. If you or someone else has:

  • accidentally deleted data
  • deleted or formatted the partition
  • a virus has made your hard drive data inaccessible
  • a few bad sectors causing computer freezes

In these cases, a logical ⁄ forensic recovery may be your best and most cost effective means of getting your data back. Of course in majority of time, recovery softwares are not the best solutions for everyone. It can be a complicated process at times and in some cases can actually do more damage to the data in the hard disk. If you would rather have a competent technician to recover your important data from your hard drive, CALL us at 212-935-9200 or fill out contact form to find out how Amnet Datacillin can help!


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