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Mobile Phone Recovery, SD card and USB Flash Drive Recovery

The initial step on recovering your phone data is, STOP!!! using your phone immediately if you want to recover your lost or deleted data. The more you use your phone, the more it will overwrite the previous data to store your new data, making mobile phone recovery sometimes impossible. The iPhone and Android are revolutionary portable computing devices that gives you all the power of a computer, with the convenience of a cell phone.

That being said like a computer, your cell phone collects, processes and saves enormous amount of data every time you use it. Containing tons of interactive and intuitive apps, the iPhone and Android phone are constantly rewriting the empty memory cells and based on their controllers mapping algorithm those cells might be your previous deleted files. Since accidents will eventually happen and causing data loss, like you might delete some data by mistake or the mobile phone memory chipsets can become faulty and preventing its CPU controller from accessing them, we are here to prevent your precious data from being lost forever.

We do data recovery for Smartphones, Crashed tablets, SD cards and USB Flash drives. We understand the importance of your data and will do everything possible to help you get your data back. Our team of engineers have decades of experience in data recovery and we have extended that expertise to recover iPad, iPhone, Android and other brand of mobile phones. We also do data recovery down to the component level (NAND memory chipset) on SD card, USB Memory Stick, USB Flash drive and Thumb drive.

We have expertise on dealing with different types of media storage problems like USB memory flash drives not readable or not recognizable or you can see your folders but they are not accessible at all. After retrieving your data, we usually transfer it to a CD, DVD or another USB flash drive. In some cases, you can even reuse your flash drive again. CALL us at 212-935-9200 or fill out contact form to find out how Amnet Datacillin can help!


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